Tom Sawyer T-Shirt
Tom Sawyer T-Shirt
Tom Sawyer T-Shirt

Tom Sawyer T-Shirt

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A native of St. Petersburg, Missouri, Tommy Sawyer is Huck Finn's partner in crime, turning double plays in the middle of the American Canons' infield.

A natural troublemaker, Sawyer steals a lot of basesbut as he can be a bit reckless in deciding when to run, he often finds himself caught in pickles.

But Sawyer also knows the value of teamwork, perhaps better than any other player in the league. Take for example the time he caught hell from Captain Ahab last year for tracking mud all over the clubhouse. (Tom, it should be noted, prefers to play ball barefoot.)

To teach the young lad a lesson, Ahab told Tom he wanted the entire clubhouse painted in the team gray before the next game. After painting just a few of the lockers, Tom convinced several of his teammates of the fun he was having painting, and eventually allowed them to take over for him and finish the job. Asked about the episode later, Tom replied, "What else are teammates for?"


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