Tag a Friend, Win a Novel-T! A New Year's T-Shirt Giveaway

Posted by Patrick Ridings on December 30, 2015 0 Comments

Thank you, loyal readers and customers, for another great year! To show our appreciation, Novel-T wants to end 2015 - and start 2016 - by celebrating YOU. We're offering YOU and a FRIEND the opportunity to win a free Novel-T Literary T-Shirt Jersey of your choosing.

Here's how two of you can soon "Wear Your Read":
The rules are simple and the competition barely takes a minute to participate. Stop on by our Facebook page, go to the post featuring this contest, and tag your favorite fellow literature-loving fiend. You have from now (yes, right now!) until 12:00 AM EST on 01/02/2016 to enter. Novel-T will then pick the winners at random. We'll initially contact the lucky people by replying to the tagged comment.

Go! Don't waste any time! Good luck to all of you.

Thanks for a great 2015 Season & Happy New Year from Novel-T!

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What Do William Shakespeare, The Big Lebowski, and a T-Shirt Have in Common? A Novel-T Contest!

Posted by Patrick Ridings on December 05, 2015 1 Comment

As promised, Novel-T brings you exciting contest news! We’ve teamed up with author, filmmaker, and all-round pop culture junkie Adam Bertocci to challenge your literary, film, and creative sensibilities.

We’re offering two fans a chance to win a copy of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski signed by its creator (Bertocci – not Shakespeare), as well as Novel-T's William Shakespeare literary t-shirt jersey. To do so, all you need is a little knowledge of Elizabethan drama, your favorite book or movie, and some creativity. Novel-T wants you to take your favorite film or literary quote and recast it in the Bard’s style, as Adam and we have done. For example:

The Dude
Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski." You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.
Let me not to the marriage of false impressions deny impediments. I am not Master Lebowski; thou art Master Lebowski. I am the Knave, call'd the Knave. Or His Knaveness, or mayhap Knaver, or mayhap El Knaverino, in the manner of the Spaniard, if brevity be not in thy soul nor wit. A Knave by any other name would abide just as well.


John McClane
Yippee-ki-yay, motherf----r!
Yawp e ki yay, you who seeketh amorous rites with his mother!

And one final example for good measure:

I just thought it was a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherf----er before I popped a cap in his a--. But I saw some s--- this mornin' made me think twice. See, now I'm thinking: maybe it means you're the evil man. And I'm the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here... he's the shepherd protecting my righteous a-- in the valley of darkness. Or it could mean you're the righteous man and I'm the shepherd and it's the world that's evil and selfish. And I'd like that. But that s--- ain't the truth. The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.
Bethought ’twas cold-blooded statement to say to he who seeks amorous rites with his mother ere I stabb'd the rampallian. But some horror this morn made me be hink twice. See, now lest I think: maybe t'means thou art the evil sir. And lest I the righteous  sir. And Sir Nine-Blades hither... the shepherd protect mine righteous fustilarianin self in the dunnest valley. Or could mean thou art the righteous sir and I the shepherd and the ordinary is evil and selfish. I ’twould liketh. ’Tis not true. But the sooth is thy art weak. And I am the tyranny of evil men. Yet I try to be the shepherd.

Publicly tag your best reinterpretations on Facebook and Twitter with #KnavedQuotes. Make sure you post your most creative lines by 10 PM ET on Sunday (12/20/15). We plan to ship the prizes first thing on Monday (12/21/15) so you'll have them for the new year. 

Good luck!

This Book and Shirt will Really Tie the Room Together.

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25% OFF All Novel-T Literary T-Shirt Jerseys & Totes! Cyber Monday Sale

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DON'T PANIC! Novel-T has got you covered for Cyber Monday with 25% OFF All Novel-T Literary T-Shirt Jerseys & Totes!

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Happy Literary Cyber Thanksgiving - A Thank You From Novel-T

Posted by League Commissioner on November 25, 2015 0 Comments

Novel-T understands budget and schedule concerns when planning for holiday gifts. That's why we offer you a chance to save the whole weekend!

Now through 11:59 PM EST on Monday (11/30/15), YOU get to choose how to save. At checkout, use discount code LiteraryThanks15 to receive free domestic shipping within the United States OR use CyberThanks15 for $10 off your overall purchase. Choose the savings best for YOU this year.

As you might've read, a limited print run returns some familiar names for the holidays. Novel-T's excited to welcome back William Shakespeare, Tom Sawyer, Kurt Vonnegut, Edgar Allan Poe (and his Raven), Douglas Adams, Hester Prynne, and Jane Austen! We're so excited, in fact, we're making it even easier for fans to get these much-requested shirts. So grab one, two, or three Novel-Ts, for the HOL-I-DAYS!

Words AND Pictures

As the great Harvey Pekar once said, "You can do anything with words and pictures." With that knowledge, Novel-T is happy to announce our new Instagram account! Follow @novel_tshirts to see the latest visual developments in literary jerseys and tote bags. While "Wearing Your Read," consider sharing your excellent wardrobe choices online with the tag #NovelT. We'll like and comment on trendy readers and wearers whenever we can!

Kickstarting Literature

Kickstarter has proven invaluable in enabling artists to fund their dreams with their audience's support. The projects and rewards can include just about anything the creator imagines, such as rare texts, autographed works, preview screenings, and completed films. Between 2014 and 2015, a few literary topics near to our heart became possible through crowdfunding.

A successful campaign provides directors Griffin Dunne and Susanne Rostock the resources to create a documentary about Joan Didion (Dunne's aunt). Creators Robert Weide and Don Argott received the funding to finally complete the oft-discussed Unstuck in Time. The film, which Wiede first began in 1994, focuses on his 25-year relationship with a Novel-T favorite: Kurt Vonnegut. Finally, McSweeney's kickstarted a new publishing and project slate with the Internet's help.

Do you have a favorite literary project you're sponsoring? Let us know via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we'll check it out!

The Future!

Keep your eyes glued to Novel-T's social media accounts! We will have free shirt giveaways and contests in the near future. One is sure to appeal to literature and film buffs alike, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our new Instagram account. You'll be in the loop!

Novel-T hopes you're having a safe, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Trust us, you've earned it! There's a lot going on the world of literary jerseys, so we wanted to catch you up and offer a few surprises. Thanks for reading and have a great holiday! And remember:

Wear Your Read!


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And We're Back! Literary T-Shirt Jerseys are BACK IN STOCK!

Posted by League Commissioner on November 16, 2015 3 Comments


Yes, we're back! And no, gentle reader, we do not simply mean a new blog entry. We've heeded your whispers and hints. We here at Novel-T are happy to oblige!

Need a shirt to represent a specific kind of literary obsession? A limited print run returns some familiar names for the holidays. Check in with Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe and - more specifically - his Raven, Hester Prynne, William Shakespeare, and Ralph Waldo Emerson and see what fits you (or your friends and family) best! These previously-sold-out stars are back on our shelves.

Thanks to fans' requests, Novel-T aims to make that aforementioned fit even more perfect. We now offer you a new option on certain shirts: extra small (XS). Be sure to look for XS when browsing through our Austen, Shakespeare, Poe/Raven, Prynne, Tom SawyerDouglas AdamsKurt Vonnegut, and Don Quixote selections.

While "Wearing Your Read," consider sharing the experience on Instagram. Follow @novel_tshirts and tag your photos with #NovelT. We'll like and comment on trendy readers and wearers whenever we can!

Thanks so much for your support over the years!! Novel-T will keep listening to your feedback to provide the best literary wear possible.

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