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Bring a Pal to the Ballpark

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Hey fans, to celebrate the opening of the 2011 season--with this new site and our four new players--we're gonna try out a little "bring a pal to the ballpark" special. But the math is pretty complicated: buy a shirt + post to Facebook or Twitter + a friend buys a shirt off your link = you each get $5 off that purchase think of it: $5!  that's like a box seat to a Royals game. or almost a small soda at a Yankees game!  

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New Website, New Players, New News

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Welcome to the definitely new, hopefully improved home of Novel-T.  We just flew back from an incredible time at the Los Angeles Festival of Books, and boy, would our arms be tired--but our shirts are sleeveless.   Does that make sense?  No? Well then welcome to the blog, folks.  We're not sure just what we'll use this space for--probably news about where we've been (see above), where we're going, new shirts-- Oh, yeah, new shirts!  Yeah, we've got four new shirts: Blake, Eggers, Emerson, and Zora Neale Hurston!  We're excited to have them for this, our opening day, 2011. What...

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