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Celebrating Whitman's Birthday With Whitmans Reading Whitman

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the scene in Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday at the marathon reading of "Song of Myself"

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Happy Birthday, Walt Whitman

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Walt "Wally" Whitman, the erstwhile center fielder for the American Canons and pitcher for the Cosmic All-Stars, turns 193 today.  While very much the crafty veteran, the joy and exuberance with which Whitman takes the field while platooning with R.W. Emerson is evidenced in every bare-footed step he takes in the outfield grass. In celebration of his birthday, we're presenting an excerpt from his little-known poetic homage to his American Canons teammate and captain, Ahab. from "O Captain! My Captain!" O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful season's done;  The team has weatherd every series, the penant we sought is won;  The...

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Something Like Turning Water Into Wine: Sam Calagione Releases New Dogfish Head Beer/Wine Crossover "Noble Rot," Wears an Awesome T-Shirt

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So Novel-T is a big fan of books of course, but we've also been known to hoot and hollar about our favorite brewery, Dogfish Head. Brewmaster Sam Calagione isn't exactly turning water into wine with his new "Noble Rot," but he may be doing something even better: turning wine into beer! Check out the new video debuting this wonderful looking creation and find out what the "brewhaha" is all about. Haha. Can't wait to try some ourselves! PS: Oh yeah, look at those handsome threads the dude's sporting. Cheers, Sam!

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Walt Whitman T-Shirts: the jersey and Walt's With Me

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Novel-T is crazy about Walt Whitman. We're so crazy for Whitman, in fact, that we offer two Walt Whitman t-shirts: our standard Walt Whitman jersey and our Walt's With Me special edition tee shirt. Whitman is taught less and less in high schools, so fewer readers are encountering him these days. If you don't know where to start, consider "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and "Song of Myself." No matter how many times we've done it, reading those poems always puts us in a good mood. We're also put in a good mood when we discover other folks that are ecstatic about...

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Walt's With Me Novel-T's Are Now On Sale

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Novel-T is proud to announce that to celebrate our second birthday, our special edition "Walt's With Me" Walt Whitman t-shirt is now on sale.  Printed on an American Apparel tri-blend jersey, our Walt's With Me shirt is so comfortable you won't want to take it off at the end of the day.  And we think Walt, of all people, would be cool with the idea of dancing the night away with you in your dreams. Check out the new Walt's With Me shirt here.

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