Charles Darwin T-Shirt
Charles Darwin T-Shirt
Charles Darwin T-Shirt

Charles Darwin T-Shirt

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Charlie Darwin, the designated hitter for the National Puncs, is a stats guy. While his teammates are out in the field, you can find Darwin in the dugout, pencil and paper in hand, recording every pitch and working to compose an origin of the pastime.

As his jersey denotes, Darwin believes baseball evolved naturally (over many, many years) from two primordial amoebae somewhere in a bog in Hoboken, NJ. "More recently, we can trace how the cut fastball has evolved," says Darwin. "But in the end the game's about the survival of the hittest."

Once pressed by a reporter to crystalize his findings on the science of baseball, Darwin suggested thus:

"Owing to this struggle for runs, any ball hit to the gap, however slight and from whatever cause proceeding, if it be in any degree profitable to a batter of any team, in its infinitely complex relationship to defensive players within fair territory, will tend to the preservation of that individual safely at least second base, and the runner will generally be inherited by the relief pitcher."

Favorite kind of dog: the beagle.


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