Kurt Vonnegut T-Shirt
Kurt Vonnegut T-Shirt
Kurt Vonnegut T-Shirt

Kurt Vonnegut T-Shirt

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The pitcher and captain of the National Puncs, Kurt Vonnegut is the * of this upstart ballclub.
Fond of playing with a Pall Mall in his mouth, Vonnegut will no doubt go down as one of the game's greatest pitchers. Known for his devastating curveball, a high and tight fastball that will back any hitter off the plate, and a change-up that seems to stop time mid-pitch, he is able to choose from an impressive arsenal to make his opponents look foolish.

Vonnegut is also partial to taking a more philosophical approach to baseball. Darkly funny in the clubhouse, Vonnegut often amuses his teammates with pranks like dropping a little Ice-9 in the water cooler, skipping back in time and pitching the second inning after he's pitched the fourth, or putting his catcher, Kilgore Trout, in one awful situation after another.

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