Hester Prynne Has a happy Mother's D(A)y

mother's day prynne

It was Mother's Day today at Novel-T Park, and fittingly Hester Prynne had a great day for the American Canons. 

Prynne brought her "A game" to the field, going 4 for 5 at the plate, with a homer, two doubles, 3 RBI and 3 runs scored.  

In the field, Hester sacrificed her body, diving to her left and right to make plays, but her uniform was still, amazingly, spotless at the end of the day.

After the game, a reporter caught up with Prynne on the field.  "Yes," she said, I just felt real good today. Pearl was in the crowd, and I wanted to show her what her mother could do. And of course I was thinking of my mom, back home in England. Anyway, we got the win, and that's the important thing.  Happy Mother's Day, everyone!"

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