Henry David Thoreau T-Shirt with Walden Cabin

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One of our personal favorite Novel-T's is the Henry David Thoreau t-shirt jersey with a drawing of Thoreau's cabin from Walden Pond on it. 

We hope simple, naturalistic design reflects well some of Thoreau's guiding principles, even as overhanging leaves cast their shadow against the bright sunlight on the cabin. 


We heartily recommend a trip up to Walden, Mass, next time you have a little time on your hands.  On the opposite side of the pond from where Thoreau's cabin once stood, a conservation society has erected a close replica of the original. While some of the details inside and out differ from Thoreau's cabin, the one standing now does provide a good sense of the original's size and proportions.  For those unable to make the trip, here's a short tour that's been posted to YouTube.

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