Book T-Shirts or Literary T-Shirts?

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At Novel-T, we like to think of our shirts as "literary t-shirts" or "literary t-shirt jerseys" or "literary jerseys." But there are many who prefer a simpler a name: "book t-shirts"--or even the super-succinct "book shirts."

The appellation "book t-shirts" has its merits. It's simple in just the way that the best writing is: straightforward and succinct. There's no haughtiness there.  

But some of our shirts are not "about books" so much as they're about authors.  Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn each appear in two books each. Still, we suppose they are book t-shirts. But our Poe shirts are about a poem and short-story.  And our William Blake t-shirt features artwork by Blake himself that's not closely connected with a specific book.   

Maybe they're "author t-shirts" or "poet t-shirts" or just "writer t-shirts."  Ehh, not quite the clear, clarion ring to those phrases that we're looking for...

So we think we're going to stick with literary t-shirts for now. But feel free to call them book t-shirts, or book shirts, or book-lovers t-shirts, or t-shirts for book-lovers.  Because a Novel-T by any other name would still feel as soft.

Huck Finn t-shirtHuck Finn literary book shirt

William Blake t-shirtwilliam blake image t-shirt book

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