These are Tops: "Left Field Cards"–Letterpress Baseball Cards featuring Bizarre Injuries & Edible Ballplayers,

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Spring training is finally here and the Novel-T League players are arriving by horse, donkey, Rolls Royce, Pontiac, Brooklyn Ferry, whatever!  But our excitement of seeing our vets tying on their cleats again and our rookies take the field for the first time is tempered by a certain amount of anxiety as this is the most likely time for players to injure themselves.

But ballplayers can be injured off the field as easily as on, and sometimes in very strange ways. Luckily, we were recently introduced to Left Field Cards, a series of letterpress baseball cards split into two sets. The first is on Bizarre Injuries (true stories of real major leaguers who hurt themselves in stupid and/or embarrassing ways, like one commemorating Nolan Ryan's 1985 injury when he was bit by one of his pet coyotes); the second, called Edible All-Stars, highlights ballplayers who share names with foods.

We love these cards–they're smart, strange, funny, and attractive. And not only do they remind us of the baseball cards of our youth, but they offer some very important teachable lessons as well. For instance, we hope Hester takes her jersey off first before she irons that A.

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