Lots of Love from The Chicago Tribune

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Novel-T traveled to Chicago for the 2012 Printers Row Lit Fest this weekend and had a great time at the festival and around the city at large.  Among the countless folks that came by the Novel-T booth were a photographer and reporter from The Chicago Tribune, who were kind enough to include Novel-T in their festival coverage: "On Polk Street, there was Novel-T, a Brooklyn-based business selling mock literary baseball jerseys. The hottest seller was Edgar Allan Poe. The front of the shirt showed a raven and the back read "Poe" with, beneath it, the number, "13." But "Eggers" (with a...

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Our Newest Recruit: Introducing the Dorothy Parker Novel-T

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Today is the 35th anniversary of Dorothy Parker's death. We're spending it by rereading some of our favorites of Parker's essays, revisiting some of her sharpest lines, and learning about the unusual circumstances of her final resting place.  Oh, and we're announcing her as the newest addition to the American Canons. So, cheers and welcome to the team, Dottie! We're sure you'll look sharp out there.  And if your bat's as quick as your tongue, you'll do just fine!

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Celebrating Whitman's Birthday With Whitmans Reading Whitman

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the scene in Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday at the marathon reading of "Song of Myself"

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Happy Birthday, Walt Whitman

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Walt "Wally" Whitman, the erstwhile center fielder for the American Canons and pitcher for the Cosmic All-Stars, turns 193 today.  While very much the crafty veteran, the joy and exuberance with which Whitman takes the field while platooning with R.W. Emerson is evidenced in every bare-footed step he takes in the outfield grass. In celebration of his birthday, we're presenting an excerpt from his little-known poetic homage to his American Canons teammate and captain, Ahab. from "O Captain! My Captain!" O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful season's done;  The team has weatherd every series, the penant we sought is won;  The...

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The Edgar Allan Poe Baseball Card

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In honor of the launch of the 2012 baseball season, Novel-T is proud to present our first ever Novel-T baseball card.  Featuring the National Canons' starting third basemen Edgar Allan Poe in his Novel-T raven jersey on the front, the card also includes Eddie "The Ragin' Raven" Poe's famous poem, "The Rookie," on the back.        More about the jersey, and the text of The Rookie, go here.  

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