And We're Back! Literary T-Shirt Jerseys are BACK IN STOCK!

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Yes, we're back! And no, gentle reader, we do not simply mean a new blog entry. We've heeded your whispers and hints. We here at Novel-T are happy to oblige!

Need a shirt to represent a specific kind of literary obsession? A limited print run returns some familiar names for the holidays. Check in with Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe and - more specifically - his Raven, Hester Prynne, William Shakespeare, and Ralph Waldo Emerson and see what fits you (or your friends and family) best! These previously-sold-out stars are back on our shelves.

Thanks to fans' requests, Novel-T aims to make that aforementioned fit even more perfect. We now offer you a new option on certain shirts: extra small (XS). Be sure to look for XS when browsing through our Austen, Shakespeare, Poe/Raven, Prynne, Tom SawyerDouglas AdamsKurt Vonnegut, and Don Quixote selections.

While "Wearing Your Read," consider sharing the experience on Instagram. Follow @novel_tshirts and tag your photos with #NovelT. We'll like and comment on trendy readers and wearers whenever we can!

Thanks so much for your support over the years!! Novel-T will keep listening to your feedback to provide the best literary wear possible.

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  • Vanessa on

    This is the softest most comfortable shirt I own- I will be buying another!

  • tushar on

    nice! a couple i’ve wanted for a while!

  • Dave on

    Awesome! So glad they are back in stock!!

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