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The Bartleby T-Shirt: We'd Prefer Not To Tell

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Novel-T's Bartleby t-shirt, paying homage to Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener, features the "not" or "do not enter" sign on the front and the number 9 on the back.  Like all the numbers on Novel-T jerseys, the 9 is significant–but it requires a kind of creative leap of logic to make the connection.   Want us to tell you why Bartleby is 9?  Sorry but no, we'd prefer not to.   But speaking of Bartleby and creative leaps, here's video we dig that's based on the story:

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Walt Whitman T-Shirts: the jersey and Walt's With Me

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Novel-T is crazy about Walt Whitman. We're so crazy for Whitman, in fact, that we offer two Walt Whitman t-shirts: our standard Walt Whitman jersey and our Walt's With Me special edition tee shirt. Whitman is taught less and less in high schools, so fewer readers are encountering him these days. If you don't know where to start, consider "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and "Song of Myself." No matter how many times we've done it, reading those poems always puts us in a good mood. We're also put in a good mood when we discover other folks that are ecstatic about...

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Book T-Shirts or Literary T-Shirts?

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At Novel-T, we like to think of our shirts as "literary t-shirts" or "literary t-shirt jerseys" or "literary jerseys." But there are many who prefer a simpler a name: "book t-shirts"--or even the super-succinct "book shirts." The appellation "book t-shirts" has its merits. It's simple in just the way that the best writing is: straightforward and succinct. There's no haughtiness there.   But some of our shirts are not "about books" so much as they're about authors.  Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn each appear in two books each. Still, we suppose they are book t-shirts. But our Poe shirts are...

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Hester Prynne T-Shirt: Hester Prynne the Puritan, Pearl Prynne the American, & Roger Chillingworth with the Wampanoag Indians

american literature hawthorne t-shirt hester prynne hester prynne t-shirt huck finn huckleberry finn literary t-shirts pearl pearl and sin roger chillingworth indians scarlet letter scarlet letter t-shirt sin thanksgiving twain and hawthorne

It's nearly Thanksgiving, and as our thoughts turn to pilgrims and American Indians, we also think of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.   It's true that Hester Prynne's story is in many ways a symbol of the problematic nature of a rigidly moralistic society--particularly as becomes subject to its own myriad hypocrisies, inspired by collective feelings of guilt and moral superiority.  But Prynne's story seems to us as also a richly nuanced and complicated fable of the birth of the United States, a kind of unruly bastard child born of romantic rule-breaking, manifested as defiant passions. (How much does that...

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Dave Eggers T-Shirt, and an Introduction to the 826 Project

826 nyc dave eggers dave eggers literary t-shirt dave eggers t-shirt dave eggers ted talk dave eggers video donations eggers tee shirt hbwosg heartbreaking work of staggering genius heartbreaking work of staggering genius t-shirt literary t-shirt literary t-shirts stapler

Novel-T couldn't be prouder to offer our Dave Eggers t-shirt, officially licensed by Dave.  It features the illustration of a stapler that he drew for the introduction of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.  A dollar from each shirt, as from almost every shirt we sell*, is donated to 826 NYC, a non-profit after-school creative-writing tutoring program based in Brooklyn, which Dave helped found.  (Hence the 26 on the back of the Eggers shirt.) The 826 project started in San Francisco with 826 Valencia, then 826 NYC opened, and since then tons more have cropped up all over the country....

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