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Two little points of interest for fans of the National Puncs' DH, Charles Darwin: First, if you're in or will be visiting NYC, you might want to check out Baba Brinkman's new show at the SoHo Playhouse, "Rap Guide to Evolution," which gets a solid review in the New York Times today: "Creationists may sneer, but Mr. Brinkman mounts an argument against intelligent design that is both brainy and entertaining. “It’s time to elevate your mind-state/And celebrate your kinship with the primates,” he raps." Second, though he's on the Disabled List now, rookie second baseman Darwin Barney got off to a...

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Baseball, beats, and Bernie Williams

baseball bernie williams marx brothers music

Today's New York Times has an interesting article on pro ballplayers who were/are also pro musicplayers.   Musicians, we mean.  Musicplayers are what, like music boxes? Anyway, it's prompted by a new book by former Yankee center fielder, and smooth jazz guitarist, Bernie Williams. We give this article bonus points for siting our favorite baseball/music crossover of all time: "The Marx Brothers, in  “A Night at the Opera,” produced perhaps the greatest intersection of baseball and music: the overture to Verdi’s “Trovatore” slides into “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at measure 35, inspiring Chico and Harpo to leap up in...

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Apparently the Uni in Uniform Doesn't Refer to Unisex

badminton safety first shirt fit uniforms

Here's an interesting piece from today's New York Times.  It seems that not all leagues are as forward thinking as Novel-T when it comes to uniforms. "In an attempt to revive flagging interest in women’s badminton as the 2012 London Olympics approach, officials governing the sport have decided that its female athlete s need to appear more, how to put it, womanly. To create a more “attractive presentation,” the Badminton World Federation has decreed that women must wear skirts or dresses to play at the elite level, beginning Wednesday. Many now compete in shorts or tracksuit pants. The dress code would make female players...

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For Sale: the Unabomber's Bookshelf

unabomber weird

The Mumpsimus ran an interesting post a couple days ago about Unabomber Ted Kaczynksi's books being sold by the U.S. Government.  All procedes go to the victims' families: "By court order, the U.S. government has to sell off Theodore "Unabomber" Kaczynski's stuff. Intrepid and well-funded buyers can bid on such things as the sunglasses and sweatshirt made famous in the forensic sketch, various tools and personal items, numerous manuscripts, and a few typewriters, including the one he used to write his manifesto. All good fun for the memento-seeker, and the proceeds go toward restitution to his victims' families." More at 

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Who's the Novel-T ROY?

blake eggers emerson hurston new shirts rookie of the year

True, it's only May, but it's never too early to start thinking about (and collecting ballot nominations for) the Novel-T ROY. No, this isn't another Roy Campanella post. And we're not referring to Roy Hobbs from The Natural--I'm sure we'll get to that soon enough. We're talking about the Novel-T Rookie of the Year.  This year it's a race between Blake, Eggers, Emerson, and Hurston.  Vote for your favorite here.  The Novel-T Rookie of the Year will win a great big prize of some sort, which will likely be shared among the fans. Either one of those tremendous bags of...

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