May 6 was Pynchon in Public Day

thomas pynchon Word is he was seen in the upper deck of Novel-T Park, section 49. Did you see him?  He was the guy drinking a beer. Maybe one day we'll get him down on the field and into a uniform, but until then, keep an eye out for him in the stands.

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Hester Prynne Has a happy Mother's D(A)y

mother's day prynne

It was Mother's Day today at Novel-T Park, and fittingly Hester Prynne had a great day for the American Canons.  Prynne brought her "A game" to the field, going 4 for 5 at the plate, with a homer, two doubles, 3 RBI and 3 runs scored.   In the field, Hester sacrificed her body, diving to her left and right to make plays, but her uniform was still, amazingly, spotless at the end of the day. After the game, a reporter caught up with Prynne on the field.  "Yes," she said, I just felt real good today. Pearl was in...

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Bring a Pal to the Ballpark

deals new shirts website

Hey fans, to celebrate the opening of the 2011 season--with this new site and our four new players--we're gonna try out a little "bring a pal to the ballpark" special. But the math is pretty complicated: buy a shirt + post to Facebook or Twitter + a friend buys a shirt off your link = you each get $5 off that purchase think of it: $5!  that's like a box seat to a Royals game. or almost a small soda at a Yankees game!  

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New Website, New Players, New News

new shirts website

Welcome to the definitely new, hopefully improved home of Novel-T.  We just flew back from an incredible time at the Los Angeles Festival of Books, and boy, would our arms be tired--but our shirts are sleeveless.   Does that make sense?  No? Well then welcome to the blog, folks.  We're not sure just what we'll use this space for--probably news about where we've been (see above), where we're going, new shirts-- Oh, yeah, new shirts!  Yeah, we've got four new shirts: Blake, Eggers, Emerson, and Zora Neale Hurston!  We're excited to have them for this, our opening day, 2011. What...

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